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Hector J. Cisneros

Hector J. Cisneros is a licensed California attorney (#159336) who concentrates his practice on the area of Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration.

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Estate Planning. We can help you control your property during your lifetime and after your death. It involves more than putting your desires on paper. The plan converts your desires into legal mandates and at the same time:

(1) Minimizes Property Tax reassessment problems,
(2) Minimizes future Capital Gain problems,
(3) Minimizes Estate Taxes problems,
(4) Minimizes Medi-Cal recovery claims, and,
(5) Minimizes future legal fees (avoids probate).

Trust Administration. We can help the trustee carrying out the terms of the trust according to California Law. To assist our clients with this process, we provide the trustee with a specially designed "Trustees Handbook to Trust Administration" which includes a checklist of the most important items that must be resolved.

Probate Administration is a court-supervised procedure for transferring the property of someone who has died to the new owners. It is easy to start a probate, but not always easy to finish. We have the experience to take you from the preliminary considerations through the final distribution with minimum delays.

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